WIS industrial Seaming


WIS World Wide Industrial Seaming – designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains the worlds most progressive seaming technology used mainly for the Paper Machine Clothing (PMC) Industry. WIS is the # 1 supplier in the world of this type of equipment.

Industrial fabrics manufactured for the purpose of producing paper are a complex variety of designs made with specific characteristics to create various types of paper. From brown paper, news print, tissue and fine stationary, fabrics are designed for specific types of paper and paper machine requirements.

PMC fabrics are first woven on an industrial loom using various yarn types such as mono-filament synthetics, twisted yarns and thermosets for various sections of the paper machine.

WIS Seaming Technology transforms the woven fabric required for various sections of the paper machine in to a continuous belt as identified in the above drawing.

Through our technology, our customers can automate the tedious and time consuming operation of making a fabric seam by hand while vastly increasing production and expanding quality standards to new heights.

WIS continuously solves the problem of achieving the consistent and faultless seam required by our customers. In their quest to produce the highest quality paper in the most cost efficient way, paper makers demand perfect seams running at increasingly higher running speeds on the paper machine, WIS works in partnership with the PMC manufacturers to face this challenge.

Working in harmony with our various designs of Seaming Machines, WIS also offers a number of auxiliary pieces of equipment to assist in the preparation of the fabric prior to seaming. The YP3 and PrepStar machine designs stream line the preparation of the fabric to ensure high quality preparation and reduced labor requirements.

The final process prior to the completion of a fabric seam is to remove the residual threads that exit the joining points in the seam. To assist in the process of having a smooth finished endless seam, the WIS fringe shaver "FS5" has been designed to shave off the warp tails on the exit side of the fabric.

WIS sells its products and solutions mainly to businesses in the PMC (paper machine clothing) industry.

A growing market has emerged in the Engineered Fabric Divisions that produce a wide variety of fabrics for filtration, moving belts, specialty fabrics for pulp mills and manufacturers in non-paper industries.

The WIS Austria headquarter is based in Timelkam, which services Europe, Asia–Pacific and other parts of the world. Its US sister plant is based in Sandpoint, Idaho USA and is in charge of North and South America.

WIS World Wide Seaming abbreviated to WIS has been in operation in Austria and the US since 1993. The company is privately owned and independent from any fabric manufacture.

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our focus is on continuous R&D, testing of new fabrics and customer support and is at the heart of what makes WIS:

"Your Partner in Innovative Seaming Technology"

WIS designs, engineers and manufactures the most advanced seaming technology WORLDWIDE