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The PSS 5 is a new development in the field of Dryer fabric seaming based on the experience of the well proven PSS4 machine now in operation for over ten years now.

Existing components have been redesigned to the requirements of modern fabrics.

New components have been added to increase seaming performance and to push efficiency to a new level.


Dryer Fabrics and wet felts.

Pin and Spiral seams of the single and double loop configuration using monofil, cabled or shielded yarns.

Single double and triple layer fabric capability using flat,

oval or round yarns

Designed for specific customer requirements

Touch screen operator control panel

WIS – Windows based "splice point design" software

Fabric set up information stored on USB – stick

Seamstrip individual weft thread tensioning via a uniquely designed spring box

Fully electronic STÄUBLI LX 60 Jacquard with a maximum of 256 threads

Adjustable harness

Interlace and transfer gripper arms moved by servo motors and stepper motors respectively

Double transfer arm for a defined transfer of the warp end to the interlace gripper

Thread monitoring in gripper heads

Servo sley

Under seam accessability

High speed drive for returning machine to start position

Seam Width Per Side:

50 mm to 85 mm
75 – 110mm available on request / extra charge incurred

Seam Performance:

up to 6.000.- thread pairs per hour depending upon fabric design and seam width

Weft Thread Diameter:

0.15 mm - 0.70 mm

Warp Thread Diameter:

0.15 mm - 1.00 mm

Harness capacity

192 threads – larger capacity available on request / extra charge incurred

Ambient temperature

0 – 35 ° C


20 – 80 %