WIS industrial Seaming


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SEAMATIC 180/250/300

The Seamatic 180 has a seam width range from 135 mm to 180 mm.

The Seamatic 250 was specifically designed for 250 mm wide seams. However, it can also be used for seam widths between 180 mm and 250 mm.

The Seamatic 300 has a seam width capability of 230 mm to 300 mm

Fully electronic Stäubli Jacquard LX 61

Large shed opening (117-200mm)

Small Machine Footprint

Ergonomic Design

PAL – Power Assisted Lift

Under Seam Accessibility

Adjustable Machine Deck Plates

High Speed Drive for Returning Machine to Start Position

Easy Adjustable Machine Table

Automatic Steering System

Touch Screen Operator Panel with Remote User Interface (Mouse or Key Pad)

Fabric Setup Information Stored on Hard Drive

WIS – Windows Based "Splice Point Design Software"

Servo Transfer Gripper

Individual Gripperhead Thread Fault Detection

Servo Interlace Gripper

Interlace Gripper Retry Function

Newly Designed Thread Separator

Extra Pick for Thread Separator for Increased Efficiency

Balanced Servo Sley

High Speed Sley Wave

Spring Box for Individual Weft Thread Tensioning

Belt Support System

Under Seam Work Light

New Fringe Support System

Jacquard Controller: Card

Pressure Sequence

Under Seam Table

Seam Width:

180 - 250 mm or 230 – 300 mm
135 mm to 180 mm

Seaming Performance:

> 2000 thread pairs / h depending on fabric and seam width

Weft Thread Diameter:

0.10 mm - 0.40 mm
(0.004 - 0.016 inches)

Warp Thread Diameter:

0.11 mm - 0.38 mm
(0.045 - 0.015 inches)

Harness capacity

up to 896 threads (standard 640 threads)

Ambient temperature

0 – 35 ° C


20 – 80 %