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The SEAMATIC SC5 automates the tedious and time consuming operation of making an endless seam by hand. The SEAMATIC SC5 is available with different seam width applications.

65 mm to 140 mm
135 mm to 180 mm

For more applications please also see

Fully electronic Stäubli Jacquard LX 61 mod.

  • Maximum of 896 threads in the harness with 640 threads standard
  • Individual customer specifications are available at 16 threads increments
  • Maximum shed height of 230mm through WIS own harness modification

Small machine footprint

Ergonomic design

Under Seam Accessability

  • The under side of the seam area is totally accessable by swinging the complete Interlace Gripper Assembly in it´s own down position
  • With only one mounting screw to open, this is a simple task.

Adjustable machine deckplates

High speed drive for returning machine to start position

Easily adjustable machine table

  • The complete machine table can be easily adjusted in height from one position, simply by turning one crankhandle.
  • The adjustmant range is 40mm (+ / - 20mm from the shed centre line)
  • The advantage of this feature lies in the ability to adjust the shed centre line to specific warp requirements, thus minimizing possible weft knuckling

Automatic steering system

  • All SC5 type machines are equipped with an automatic steering system, which allows the machine to travel in a straight line, taking certain floor uneveness into account.
  • Both axles are steered, guided by two sensors, each. These sensors are activated by two metal strips, which are placed on the floor beneath the fabric.
  • This double axle steering system allows the machine also to be steered automatically in the high speed return mode.
  • Two versions of sensor mounting are available: Inside the machine frame; Subframe mounting.

High speed B&R controller

  • Touch screen panel with remote operator interface
  • Fabric set up information storage on hard drive

WIS windows based "Splice Point Design Software"

  • The WIS own Splice Point Design Software (SDPS) was designed to give the operator the opportunity to create various different seaming patterns and different kind of splice points and splice point positions which are used to drive the Stäubli Jacquard in our Seaming Equipment
  • Take a look at an example of which describes the SPDS - Weave Editor.pdf

Servo transfer gripper

Servo interlace gripper

Individual gripper head thread fault detection

Newly designed thread separator with extra pick function for increased efficiency

  • The newly designed Thread Separator combines several new features for increased seaming efficiency.
  • The needle pressure is adjustable via the touch screen panel allowing for adjustments of 0,01 bar increments.
  • The stroke of the needle is also easily adjustable.
  • A needle quick change system enables the operator to change the needles within a few minutes.
  • he complete assembly balances itself, finding the best position in the magazine band.
  • These features together with the programmable retry function allow for increased efficiency of the seaming operation.

Double Thread Separator

  • The "Double Thread Separator" was developed to eliminate selection problems associated with particular fabric designs. When warp (machine direction) threads are directly on top of each other in a particular shed, selection inconsistencies can occur. These selection problems can range from selecting doubles (top and bottom both selected), selecting the wrong thread to no selection of the warp thread at all. During the course of automatic seaming operation, when the problem selection area is reached, e.g.; shed number 19 of a 42 shed repeat, the 2nd thread selector is programmed to automatically activate itself to pick the needed warp thread from a different, more opportune position in the seaming band. This unique feature of "WIS Seaming Technology" allows for the correct selection and the continuous automatic cycling of the WIS seaming machine.

Thread selection system (TSS) optional

  • The Thread Selection System (TSS) was originally designed to eliminate the need of a magazine band (or seaming band) in the preparation of the fabric fringes (see also GLUE STATION)
  • It uses the repeat of the fabric to select the correct warp end to be seamed during the automatic seaming process. The TSS is one of two options to select warp ends for seaming. The other option is SC5-HF.

Balanced servo sley with high speed wave

  • The Servo Sley uses two linear Servo motors for the beat up to the seam face.
  • The beat up angle is adjustable.
  • Even in high speed seaming a wave motion is used during beat up.
  • This wave motion is created by a stepper motor, which is placed on the lower end of the sley assembly, reducing the moving masses.
  • By using different sizes of wheels, the height of the wave can be changed.
  • A durable ware plate protecting the reeds insures low maintenence.
  • Changing between different reed setups is done easily.

Spring box for individual thread tensioning

Belt support system

Under seam work light

Newly designed frame

Seam Width:

65 mm to 140 mm
135 mm to 180 mm

Seaming Performance:

over 4000 thread pairs
per hour depending upon fabric design and seam width

Weft Thread Diameter:

0.10 mm - 0.40 mm
(0.004 - 0.016 inches)

Warp Thread Diameter:

0.11 mm - 0.38 mm
(0.045 - 0.015 inches)

Harness capacity

up to 896 threads (standard 640 threads)

Ambient temperature

0 – 35 ° C


20 – 80 %