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The innovative Seamatic SC 8 is a new development for high speed seaming. This new machine design is not intended to replace the SC5 series of Automatic Seaming Machines but to add greater depth to our vast repertoire of seaming machines and peripheral equipment.

The SC8 was designed specifically for high speed seaming of rather narrow seams and perfectly woven and heat set fabrics; only then the SC8 can reach its maximum speed and give you an efficiency never reached before in your seaming production.

Stäubli UNIVAL jacquard liquid cooled

Adjusting scales on all components

Adjustable harness

Adjustable machine deck plates

High speed drive for returning machine to start position

Adjustable machine table

Redesigned automatic steering system

Touch screen operator interface on Windows XP basis

Fabric set up information stored on USB Key

WIS Windows based "splice point design software"

All moving parts are redesigned for optimal weight ratio

Interlace and transfer gripper arms moved by servo motors and stepper motors respectively

Transfer arm pivot for high speed operation eliminating necessity for lateral movement

Individual gripper head thread fault detection

Interlace gripper and thread separator retry function

Balanced servo sley

High speed sley wave

Spring box for individual weft thread tensioning

Belt support system

Seam Width:

65 mm to 140 mm

Seaming Performance:

over 6.000.- thread pairs per hour; up to 7.000.- on selected fabrics and seam widths

Weft Thread Diameter:

0.10 mm - 0.40 mm
(0.004 - 0.016 inches)

Warp Thread Diameter:

0.11 mm - 0.38 mm
(0.045 - 0.015 inches)

Harness capacity

640 threads standard – 896 maximum at extra cost

Ambient temperature

0 – 35 ° C


20 – 80 %